Bridging the inequality gap


We work towards a world where everyone who wants to actually can participate equally in global trade, regardless of the context they are born in.

Our Mission

We simplify partnerships between designers and producers of furniture & home accessories. On the one hand, we support small producers in underprivileged regions who make traditional and sustainable products to gain access and visibility to potential partners in the European market. On the other hand, we connect interior designers with the matching artisan to create the unique piece they have in mind, ensuring transparency and social labor requirements. 

The people behind tara

Our team consists of young professionals with different business and cultural backgrounds, experienced in design, commerce, economics and social impact. 

The journey started at the HNEE’s campus in Eberswalde, Germany. We quickly bonded over our common interest in fighting social injustice through economic solutions. 

We dare to challenge the old and create new ways of partnering in commerce around the globe.  

To this end, tara is an social impact start-up

    –  in the making!

Get in Touch

Reach out to us and let’s talk about economic justice, opportunities and partnerships